InPixio Photo Focus

InPixio Photo Focus

  • Improve image sharpness in seconds.
  • Easy 1-click sharpening tools.
  • Reinforce and focus in on specific image areas.
  • Includes Tilt-Shift & Artistic Blur effects that bring your photos to life!

Acheive Perfect Clarity With InPixio Photo Focus!

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InPixio Photo Focus

You can get so much more out of your photos!

Even the sharpest images can be retouched — whether you need to print off high definition shots or you're just looking to create an extremely sharp impression in a portrait.


No Need For Costly Equipment!

The best part about InPixio Photo Focus is that it can all be done without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras, lenses, or software. It will completely change the way you see your pictures!

In fact, this software was built with you in mind - now you don't need to be a professional photographer to get the perfect shot. During the development of InPixio Photo Focus, particular emphasis was placed on making sure the software is easy to use. The program is intuitive and helps guide you through its various features with 1-Click Setup Wizards. If you need help when using the software, there are tips offering brief explanations next to each step of the process!



  • Improve Sharpness - You can't always avoid taking a blurry photo - especially with spontaneous snapshots! InPixio Photo Focus eliminates this problem within seconds by creating clear, high-resolution images right before your eyes.

  • Increase Focus - You can sharpen and soften the focus in an image, as well as blur specific areas in any picture. This feature helps you to contrast the background and the subject of your image.

  • Refocus - Not every picture is perfectly centered. Redefine the center of your photo and refocus the attention towards the middle of the image.

  • Tilt-Shift & Artistic Blurring Functions - Add horizontal tilt-shift focus and blurred lines to your images to create a fantastic minituarization effect, allowing the focal point of your picture to appear smaller.

  • Create Structure & Details - Pinpoint and emphasize all of the finest details in your pictures. Edit and manage your image's contrast and clarity for beautifully detailed photos.

Experience Perfect Picture Definition With InPixio Photo Focus!

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InPixio Photo Focus
InPixio Photo Focus