Drive Clone - Mac

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How much time does the software take to clone hard drive?

The time required for creating a clone of the hard drive depends on several factors:

  • Data transfer speed of the source and destination drive
  • Quantity of data
  • Alignment and size distribution of the files stored in the source hard drive
  • Data transfer method
  • Processor's speed and architecture
  • Performance of the hardware interface

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I have three partitions in my Mac hard drive, one is of HFS+ file system, another is FAT and the third one is based on NTFS file system. Will the clone copy of my hard drive contain the data in all three partitions?

Stellar Drive Clone is a Mac cloning utility and supports all Mac OS based file systems, including only FAT. So, the cloned copy of your hard drive will contain all the data in the HFS+ and FAT file system based partitions. The space taken by the NTFS partition will be left blank and you can use it as per your requirement. Moreover, you can manually copy the data from the NTFS partition and reuse it by pasting it on to the free space of the cloned drive.

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I have created a bootable DVD on a system having an Intel processor. Can I use this bootable DVD to boot a PowerPC - based machine?

No, the bootable DVD created using this cloning software can only be used to boot the same or identical system on which it is created. If you created a bootable DVD on an Intel machine, it cannot be used on a machine having a PowerPC processor.

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Can I clone my volume to a network drive using this software?

Yes, the software can easily clone any particular volume of your system to a connected network drive using the 'Clone volume to a network drive' option in the 'Clone' window.

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My source drive is having two partitions and the destination drive is larger than my source drive. Can I choose to have just two partitions on the destination drive while cloning my hard drive?

Yes, the software clones hard drives by providing you an option to resize volumes on the destination drive. You can increase the size of the volumes on destination drive to have just two partitions.

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What are the end-task preferences, I can set in Stellar Drive Clone and how to do them?

You can set preferences to 'play sound', 'send system to sleep' and 'shut down system', once the hard drive imaging/cloning process gets finished. You can also set the preferences to check for the latest Drive Clone software updates, as per the selected option (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).

Steps to set the end-task preferences:

  • From the Stellar Drive Clone menu, click the option, 'Preferences'.
  • Under the 'After finishing task' section -
    • Select the 'Play Sound' option to assign a sound, which will be played, when the cloning task finishes.
    • Select the 'Send System to sleep' option, in case you want the system to sleep after the cloning task finishes.
    • Select the 'Shutdown system' option, if you want the system to turn-off, once the cloning process finishes.
  • Click the button, 'OK' to save the settings.

Steps to set the update task preferences:

  • Select the 'Preferences' option from the Stellar Drive Clone menu.
  • Under the 'Update' section -
    • Check-mark the 'Check for updates' option to assign the frequency, in which you want to check the updates.
    • Select the frequency from the list (Daily/Weekly/Monthly).
    • Click the 'Check for Updates' button to check the current updates for the software.
  • Click the button, 'OK' to save the settings.