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What is the basic difference between defragment and optimize?

The process of optimization arranges the files together at one place. Defragmentation takes different parts of the files into a single chunk of contiguous memory.

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Can I defrag an individual file with the software?

Yes, with Stellar Drive Defrag application, you can defrag any file you want. If you click on the 'File' tab, the software shows the individual files in the selected volume. Select the file from the list and defrag.

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Is there any specific constraint regarding the hard drive model to be defragged?

No, there is no such constraint regarding the make/model/type of hard drive. The software can defrag any Mac volume based internal, external, USB drive irrespective of its size or any other limitation.

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Which Mac OS X versions are supported by Stellar Drive Defrag?

Stellar Drive Defrag supports the latest Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'. The software is also compatible with the earlier versions of Mac OS X, including Mac OS X 10.6 'Snow Leopard', 10.5 'Leopard', and 10.4 'Tiger'.

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Can the software defrag the boot volume of my Mac system?

Yes, the software can defrag/optimize the boot volume of your Mac system. However, for this, the software prompts to create a bootable DVD first. You can boot the system from this bootable DVD and defrag the boot volume. If you have 'Lion' installed on your computer, you need to download a bootable image ('.dmg' file) using the link provided by Stellar and then burn it to a DVD to defrag the boot volume of your system.

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Can the software defrag the metadata files of the system?

Yes, the software can help you defrag the metadata files (catalog files, allocation files, attribute files, extent overflow etc.) of a system. You can use the 'Defrag Metadata' option to carry out this process.